Well in less then a week we open. The gift shop is all set up and ready to go. Many wreaths have been made, although still more needed. Garland is already to go. The help has been hired. The machines checked and all is good. Just a few more lose ends and all will be a go. Oh the turkey needs to be gotten...lets
Wow a year has gone by already. I guess it is that time again. Time to go out and start cutting greens to make those wreaths. Time to get the gift shop up and ready to go. Time to send out those reminders to our returning customers. Time to call those boys and tell them it is time to get to work. Oh wait I guess that means I got to get off this couch and do something too.
The tree farm is closed for the season. We would like to thank all the customers that came out this year for a tree. We hope to see all of you next year. For those that did not make it out this year before we closed, we hope you will come out earlier to get one of our great trees to help you celebrate your holidays next year. Have a great holiday and stay safe.

Ziegler Tree Farm staff and family

Last Day



With the great weather we have been having, we have sold many trees already this season. Sat Dec 8th will most likely be our last day open. We have hundreds of trees to choose from yet, but we need to make sure we save trees for harvest next year to not disappoint our returning customers. The only way we will be open on Sun is IF we have a poor selling day on Sat, which is highly unlikely.
The weather brought tons of people out and we sold lots of trees. Santa visited with the kids and dogs. We had a few puppies from the rescue out. Overall what a day we had. Please take advantage of our tree special tomorrow from 9-11AM...and scotch pine for $25. It is looking like the weather should be nice like it was today...take advantage of it while you can and join us on Sun to get your tree.
Well it looks like this weekend will be the perfect weather to find a Christmas Tree. It should be warm and hopefully the rain will hold off. If so, come on out and find your perfect tree. This might be the last weekend the weather will be nice...then again you never know.




Well todays special was a huge hit. I guess everyone likes the idea of scotch pines for $25. We might have to try that again sometime. We had a great weekend selling trees. For those that have not gotten their trees yet...do not wait too long or all the good ones will be gone!!!
Today Santa came to visit with all the kids and dogs. I heard lots of wishes from lots of kids wanting all kinds of cool toys. Made me want to be 5 again. I heard those doggie wishes too. One of the rescue dogs said she wants a home with her own family...hope she finds one. I heard another dog asking for his own bed...a twin size was fine...one of those Sleep by Numbers would be his first choice, but another kind would be find too. He must be one of those rich dogs. It was alot warmer today because the wind was not a factor. Tomorrow is looking to be an excellent day. Do not forget from 9-11AM scotch pines are only $25...what a deal!!!
Well the first day went well. It was a little cold and the wind did not help. We saw many of our returning customers today even with not having ideal conditions. Remember to dress for the weather as there are no buildings to block the wind and there is ALWAYS wind at the farm. Hope those that went shopping today got great deals. Off to bed to rest up for another busy day tomorrow...got to look my best for Santa as he is coming to the farm tomorrow and will be there from 11-2...and do I have a long list of things I want.
At this time every year, we should give thanks for all the great things in our lives. While not everything are we thankful for, most of us are extremeely lucky to have what we do. The Zieglers are no exception. This year we are thankful for the fact that everyone in the family is healthy and was still with us. We are thankful that the drought did not kill all of our trees, while it did hit some; it could have been a whole lot worse like it was for some farmers. Lastly we are thankful to all the long time customers we have. Each year we get to see familes grow and share their happy experiences of picking out a tree. Without great customers, we would not have the thriving business we do. We would also not enjoy our jobs as much as we do. Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon...Ziegler Tree Farm